Offering top bulls through outstanding genetics

At Thomas Charolais, we work hard to keep our bulls in top condition. We are proud to offer these outstanding genetics, and we welcome any questions you may have. Here are some of our current sires.

BT Mr. Thomas 1/3

MT Mr. Thomas 98/4

RT Mr. Thomas 113/7

Wind Power 398

Bara Mr. Polled Value 61N

BT Mr. Thomas 3591

DA Passport 502 P ET

WCC Leader Cigar R59

DA Frontline 631P

Wal-Mar Duke 3017

RT Mr. Thomas 128/6

BT Mr. Thomas 166/6

TT Mr. Thomas 193/7

BT Mr. Thomas 196/7

NWMSU Wind Power 398 (Left)
ABC Leader L165 (Right)