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At Thomas Charolais, we have some outstanding Charolais sale cattle, and we are proud of the industry-leading genetics that we can offer you. Your success is very important to us, so please let us know if we can help you in any way.
6th Annual Club Calf Sale - Sunday, April 19, 2015
11 a.m. CST - online bidding starts at Offering 25 crossbred steers and heifers.
Noon CST - Load and Go sale at the ranch in Raymondville, Texas. Offering 25+ steers and heifers.
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Charolais Bull Sales
13th Annual Bull Sale - October 15, 2014

13th Annual Bull Sale
Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
12 noon at thomas Charolais ranch in Raymondville, Texas.

Over 200 Breeding-Age Registered Charolais Bulls will be offered in our Annual Bull Sale.

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Over 200 Breeding-age Registered Charolais Bulls will be offered in our 13th Annual Bull Sale on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. Photos and videos are coming soon.
As always, there will be free delivery on purchases totaling $10,000 or more per buyer to a central location.

We would love to see you all at the ranch, but if you need to participate as an absentee buyer, we want to make it as easy as possible.
absentee Bidding Methods:
• Bid Over the phone - Visit or call 800-431-4452 to "Register for a Buyer Number".
• Click-to-Bid - Visit to sign up. Preregistration is required for online participation.
• View the Auction - New this year, our sale will be broadcast via satellite on RURAL-TV. Dish Network channel 232. Become a member at
• For more information on our sale or to request a catalog or DVD, please contact us at:
Mitch Thomas: 956-535-0936 • Tonnyre Thomas-Joe: 956-535-0942

Charolais Heifer Sales
    Online Spring Born Heifer Sale
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Selling 23 show heifer prospects, hosted by Breeders World.

Welcome to our first internet heifer sale. Since 1936 we have been producing Charolais cattle here in South Texas to meet the needs of our customers all over the world. We now feel it is time to share some of our top end heifer calves with you. We have selected 23
of the best spring born heifers we have. These females are indicative of what we have been trying to do for over 70 years. With 1500 Charolais cows we feel we have put together a great offering. These females can go anywhere and be competitive in the show ring. However, most importantly they will make great cows. Within our herd we are able to implement sires that are producing females that will be productive and have that show ring look. We will be having our Fall Bull Sale on Wednesday, October 15. Please come to the bull sale and take a look at these heifers. You will not be disappointed. We will have trucks heading in all directions, so delivery should not be a problem. Feel free to stop by anytime, our gates are always open. Call anytime at 956-535-0936.

Lot 1 - Tag 4065
RT Mr. Thomas 144-1 x M 123-1
DOB: 2/12/14
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Deep bodied, soggy and sound best describes Bentley. 
This heifer will be competitive any where you take her. 
After showing, she will make a great donor cow that you
will be proud of in your front pasture.
Lot 2 - Tag 4079
RT Mr. Thomas 144-1 x 115-1
DOB: 2/19/14
View Video
Betty is a moderate framed, sow bellied heifer that will
definitely catch the judge's eye. She is extremely thick
and sound, but still has the show ring look. Show her
with confidence.
Lot 3 - Tag 4175
WC-CCC Rocket 118P ET  x 1393
DOB: 3/14/14
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They do not get any more feminine than Brianna. This
daughter of Full Metal Jacket's brother, AKA Ringo, is
extremely long fronted and sound. She should make a
great bred heifer
Lot 4 - Tag 4174
WC-CCC Rocket 118P ET  x 1069
DOB: 3/7/14
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Beatrice, a 3/4 sister to 4175 (Lot 3) looks like her
clone. She too possesses that killer look.
Lot 5 - Tag 4108
BT Mr Thomas 117-1 x M 77-1
DOB: 3/11/14
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Complete best describes Bessie. She is deep bodied,
feminine and sound.
Lot 6 - Tag 4269
RT Mr. Thomas 144-1 x 160-1
DOB: 3/16/14
View Video
Brittany is the longest hipped heifer in the sale. She has
great muscle shape and a good shape to her rib. 
Lot 7 - Tag 4069
BT Mr Thomas 109-1 x 113-1
DOB: 2/11/14
View Video
Brandy is a heavy muscled, yet feminine female. She has
an exteremly long neck and is very attractive from the
Lot 8 - Tag 4083
BT Mr Thomas 117-1 x M 156-1
DOB: 2/15/14
View Video
Big middled Bonnie is sound and very good looking.  
She should be competitive in the February class.
Lot 9 - Tag 48B
KBC Euchee 8007 x M 113-6
DOB: 2/14/14
View Video
Bernice can be registered as either a Charolais composite
or as a Maintainer. She has added bone and body to go
with her feminine front end. Don't miss this one, she
could hangsome banners.
Lot 10 - Tag 50B
KBC Euchee 8007 x M 163-6
DOB: 4/3/14
View Video
Little Brenda is just adorable. She is gentle and sweet
and the perfect show package for a young showman.
She too can be registered as a Charolais composite or
as a Maintainer.
Lot 11 - Tag 55B
KBC Euchee 8007 x M 65-7
DOB: 3/14/14
View Video
Betsy is the complete package. High quality and
sweet natured. She can also be registered as a
Charolais composite or as a Maintainer.
Lot 12 - Tag 4288
RT Mr. Thomas 144-1 x 223-1
DOB: 2/13/14
View Video
Choke necked, big bellied and heavy muscled describe
Bethany. It is unusual that these would be all in one
package, but they are in this heifer.
Lot 13 - Tag 4296
CCF Cookin Blue Sky 904 x 202-7
DOB: 2/10/14
View Video
Super long bodied, square hipped, and goose necked. 
Bridget will be a great addition to anyones's
showstring or herd.  
Lot 14 - Tag 4165
WC-CCC Rocket 118P ET  x 1103
DOB: 4/7/14
View Video
Sleek, balanced and feminine describe this April babydoll.  
Bailey is a beauty that will help you make it to the
Lot 15 - Tag 4265
BT Mr Thomas 117-1 x T 84-1
DOB: 5/2/14
View Video
Baby Barbara is cool looking and good natured. 
This May baby can stand the heat.  
Lot 16 - Tag 4226
HPF Legend 014 x M 52-8
DOB: 3/17/14
View Video
Out of one of our best cows, Bella is a little greener
than most; however she shows the potential of a
great one.
Lot 17 - Tag 4169
WC-CCC Rocket 118P ET  x RT 1404
DOB: 5/6/14
View Video
Jack fronted and cool necked describe Billie. This May
baby has a lot of look with plenty of middle.
Lot 18 - Tag 4059
RT Mr. Thomas 144-1 x T 146-1
DOB: 2/17/14
View Video
Blyss is a very upfronted, attractive female. 
She has added muscle shape and depth.
Lot 19 - Tag 4172
WC-CCC Rocket 118P ET  x M 1102
DOB: 4/4/14
View Video
Long bodied, attractive but green. Bianca will get
better looking every day. The Ringo calves are proving
Lot 20 - Tag 4274
BT Mr Thomas 117-1 x T 51-1
DOB: 3/2/14
View Video
Broody, big boned and deep bodied best describe Bambie.
She should make an excellent brood cow.  
Lot 21 - Tag 4209
Wal Mar Quest 4 Fire 903 x 133-8
DOB: 2/12/14
View Video
Beverly is extended fronted, feminine and offers a
great look.  
Lot 22 - Tag 4208
Wal Mar Quest 4 Fire 903 x 161-7
DOB: 3/6/14
View Video
Blair is thick and very moderate while still maintaining
a feminine look.
Lot 23 - Tag 4215
MT Mr. Thomas 194-7 x 108-9
DOB: 2/16/14
View Video
Brood cow with lots of muscle, add Barbie
to your collection.
We currently have 85 Registered Yearling Heifers available at the ranch by Private Treaty. Please call Mitch at 956-535-0936 for more details about the selection. View video of sale Heifers.

Private Treaty Club Calf Sales
We are now offering purebred and crossbred show cattle at the ranch by private treaty. Please call Mitch at 956-535-0936 for more details about the selection.

Past Sales
  5th Annual Club Calf Sale
April 19, 2014

Thank you
to all buyers and bidders in our recent sale. We appreciate your support and wish you the
best with your new purchases. Please let us know if
we can help you with anything else.

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Tag 6 Tag 10
Tag 40 Tag 43
Tag 217 Tag 252


12th Annual Bull Sale
October 16, 2013

A sincere thank you to all who came out and supported us at our recent sale. We wish you the best with your purchases. Please let us know if we can help you at all.

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View Flip Catalog to the left.
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At Thomas Charolais, we feel that the educated rancher can enjoy the most success, and that is why we are always happy to help our customers out. We believe in the truth of EPD values, and we want you to understand and use them as well.

how to use EPD's to make your selection!

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Charolais Sale Cattle. If you would like more information on how to add to your herd, or if you would like to come by the ranch to look around, just let us know. Visitors are always welcome.

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